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Acupuncture & Oriental  Medical Center

Mission Statement

We are deeply committed to each of our patients and utilizing all of our knowledge and experience for the best of their health.


Acupuncture & Oriental Medical Center is an energy healing center that treats a broad array of ailments and disorders to bring patients to optimal health. Traditional Chinese medicine is utilized which includes a combination of acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbs, and Tui Na ( Chinese medical hands work where the practitioner manipulations the body to facilitate healing).

The serene clinic is in a warm and cozy office that is peaceful and energetic. The music is pleasing to traditional Chinese medicine that brings you into the natural healing. That environment helps the patient feels comfortable and at ease. The waiting room is spacious with an ample seating area and is tastefully decorated. The reception area is open and staffed with friendly caring personnel. The clinic is open six days a week that convenient scheduling.

The clinic is located on the corner of NE 8th street and 123rd Ave  NE and is easily accessible from I-405 and 520 as1-90 well. There is a visible sign on the street and is easy to access from any point in Bellevue. There is ample parking in the front of the building.

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